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The Publiworkshops present educational material available or in development, services or programs taking account of the realities of First Peoples youth. During these Publiworkshops, the participants will be able to learn about what is available to enrich their teaching practices and their interventions, or to culturally adapt the school contents.

Workshop H5, Wednesday, October 11, 15 : 30

The Gabriel-Commanda Education Kit – Julie Laperle, Community Development Director – Val d’Or Native Friendship Centre

Workshop I2, Thursday, October 12, 9 : 45

Enseignement à travers les arts appliqués (ETAP): Innu Culture through School Subjects – Eddy Malenfant, General Director and Responsible for the Education Sector, Production Manitu inc. , and Samantha R. Duchemin, Education through  the Arts Specialist – ETAP