Pierre Picard



Pierre Picard_web_montage JRPierre Picard is a member of the Huron-Wendat nation. He holds a Master’s degree in clinical sexology and in psycho-corporal approach. He first specialized in the field of sexual assault intervention for First Nations in Quebec. For several years now, he has been head of the Groupe de recherche et d’interventions psychosociales en milieu autochtone (GRIPMA—Group for Research and Psychosocial Interventions in Indigenous Environments). A lecturer and trainer, he is the author of a considerable amount of research and analysis and has directed a number of studies on Indigenous psychosocial issues and healing methods taking into account First Nations cultural and identity differences.


Understanding the Cultural Difference for Better Teaching and Better Intervention

  Culture is not only composed of a language, beliefs and practices. It comprises multiple variables and develops on the basis of socio-historical factors and general living conditions, which in particular determine a complex relational process of family and community ties. Cultural awareness development is the starting point for understanding that there are indeed differences between the dominant society and the First Nations world. These differences, in addition to requiring the development of cultural competencies and personal and professional skills, make it clear that there is a need to consider the unique identity of First Nations. This conference will provide an opportunity for participants to become more familiar with the Indigenous community: it will promote knowledge partly explaining the emergence of the many challenges faced by First Nations; it will address the factors that sustain them, and expose the means to deal with them.