School Perseverance Scholarships


The Perseverance and Academic Achievement scholarships were created to acknowledge the efforts, enthusiasm, and perseverance of First Peoples students.

The School Perseverance Scholarships reward the efforts of Secondary 4e and 5e students from the public school system. In all, 11 scholarships of $600.00 will be attributed to the most deserving students, one for each of the Quebec First Nations communities.

With the creation of the School Perseverance Scholarships, the Centre des Premières Nations Nikanite of UQAC and its partners wish to acknowledge and support the students of First Peoples as they embark the final stage leading to their high school graduation.  These persevering students, despite the pitfalls, are a fine example not only for young First Nations people, but also for all!


  1. Acknowledging student engagement, involvement, perseverance, and achievements of Aboriginal youth.
  2. Highlight determination, self-transcendence, and the ability to overcome academic or personal difficulties.
  3. Encouraging continued efforts in the pursuit of higher education.


Perseverance and involvement

The students shows determination and persistence in what he undertakes and manages, through their academic and extracurricular involvement, to overcome difficulties, constraints or hardships (ex. : learning difficulties, unstable family environment, adaptation to a new environment, health problems or disability, return to school, obligation to balance work, family and studies, financial difficulties, etc.), and experience success and remain motivated in pursuing their studies. They also participate in extracurricular, citizenship and other school activities and are distinguished by their involvement in a group within the school or in connection with the organization of an activity.

You can print out the complete sheet inlcuding objectives, eligibility criteria and process for submitting an application by clicking here.