Indigenous Services Canada

Supporting the success of First Nations, Inuits and Métis students is at the heart of our department’s priorities.

Quality education nurtures the personal, professional and cultural development of tomorrow’s citizens and contributes to building stronger and more prosperous communities. Indigenous Services Canada is proud to be a partner in the Convention on Perseverance and Academic Achievement for First Peoples.

As part of this Convention, you will have the opportunity to discuss with people who, like you, want to support Indigenous youth in their school career and make a difference. Take advantage of this special moment to share your expertise and good practices in education. You know better than anyone what daily life is like in schools, who the young people are, what their needs are, and above all, what motivates them to persevere. Your knowledge is precious, and it is by working together that we will foster the academic success of Indigenous and students.

To all teachers, researchers, specialists, speakers or students: enjoy the Convention!

A message from Indigenous Services Canada