Message from the Ministers

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The Conference on Perseverance and Academic Achievement for First Peoples, a forum for fruitful discussion, is already in its third edition. The theme of this year’s conference, Gathering for success! reflects the fact that we are all interested in pooling our strengths to build a winning partnership.

Educational success for all Indigenous students in Québec is a government priority. There are various ways to achieve this and there are different actions that can be taken to enable these young people to flourish in a supportive environment, adapted to their culture and conducive to the development of their full potential. As educators, you play a key role in the achievement of this goal.

Educational childcare services, schools, adult education and vocational training centres, and institutions of higher learning are key places for Indigenous youth to immerse themselves in projects about which they are passionate and equip themselves to strengthen their sense of identity and become spokespersons in their communities. In this way, they are preparing themselves to be agents of change in their families, communities and Québec society.

We hope that the presentations will give you food for thought on the issues involved in perseverance and educational success in an Indigenous context and provide you with the inspiration you need to enrich your practices.

Have a great conference!

Minister responsible for Higher education

Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports and Minister of Families

Minister responsible for Native Affairs

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