Journal of Perseverance and Academic Achievement for First Peoples vol.2

Photo from the Journal of Perseverance and Academic Success for First Peoples’ launch held in the morning of October 27. To read the article in UQACtualité, click here.Lancement-CPNN-Web-Denis-Blackburn

In this second volume of the Journal, the Scientific Committee was substantially pursuing the same purpose as in the publication of Volume 1, namely dissemination in a style accessible (for the benefit of practitioners and stakeholders, researchers and university students); research results and practice narratives shared during the event as well as the progress of knowledge and experiences concerning school success and perseverance among First Peoples of Quebec. As you will see, the texts cover a broad range of subjects. They range from literacy camps to cultural security at the post-secondary level, from the talking circle in the formal education system to consultation in urban areas, from second language approach and native culture to the development of an asynchronous university course.

You will also find interesting novelties in Volume 2 of the Journal. It particularly includes extracts from texts of young persevering secondary 4e and secondary 5e students from the First Peoples who, in spring 2016, submitted their names for a school perseverance scholarship. These are true stories that illustrate the many challenges these young people face, inspiring stories deserving a prominent place in this Journal.

You will also find some very interesting interviews by Patricia-Anne Blanchet with teachers, managers or stakeholders working with Aboriginal communities. This was a way for the Committee to recognize their contribution to the advancement of knowledge and to ensure that their work, research or initiatives can benefit the many rather than the few.

To access the French and English versions of the Journal, click on the links below.
Revue de la persévérance et de la réussite scolaires chez les Premiers Peuples volume 2
Journal of Perseverance and Academic Achievement for First Peoples Volume 2

To access a printable version of the magazine and articles in PDF, click the title in one of the tables of contents below (French version will follow).
Journal of Perseverance and Academic Achievement for First Peoples volume 2 (printable PDF version)


Table of contents

Agent of One’s Own Culture: Contribution of Boite Rouge Vif in the Construction and Transmission of Autochthonous Cultures
Denis Bellemare and Carl Morasse
The Role of the Talking Circle within the School System
Françoise Lathoud
Innu Culture Recognition in an Elementary School
Sylvie Pinette and Suzanne Guillemette
Sorties en Territoire: A Program Bestowing Uniqueness upon Kassimu Mamu School in Mashteuiatsh (interview)
Patricia-Anne Blanchet

Language, literature and writing
Identity Affirmation through Literary Circles among Aboriginal Students at the Cegep de Chicoutimi (interview)
Patricia-Anne Blanchet
Literacy Camps: Summer School Support Program to Counter Learning Loss in Reading
Mélanie Valcin
Fostering the Emergence of Writing in a Symbolic Play Context: Preliminary Findings of a Collaborative Study in Atikamekw Communities Elisabeth Jacob, Annie Charron and Yvonne da Silveira
Teaching Writing for Pleasure in an Anicinape Elementary School
Christiane Blaser, Yvonne da Silveira, Sammy Kistabish and Gisèle Maheux

Report on School Perseverance

Health and services
The Benefits of the École En Santé Approach of Lac-Simon on Educational Success and Student Retention (interview)
Patricia-Anne Blanchet
Integration of Psychosocial Services to Educational Support as Retention Tool for First Nations: The Practice of Kiuna Institute
José-Tomás Arriola and Prudence Hannis
Cultural Security in Post-Secondary Education: The Case of the Kiuna Institution
Emmanuelle Dufour

Tools and intervention models
Wemotaci : Positive Transfer Experience of the Educational Entrepreneurship Model in Aboriginal Communities Developed in Lac Simon (interview)
Patricia-Anne Blanchet
Cultural Adaptation of a Screening Instrument to Detect Developmental Delays In Atikamekw Children
Sylvie Roy
Intercultural Competence of Public Educational Institution Directions Welcoming Aboriginal Learners
Valérie Djédjé
Perseverance and Academic Achievement for First Peoples: Youth Fusion as an Innovative Model
André-Yanne Parent
Support for College and University Education: Sharing of Aboriginal Students Realities and of Winning Pedagogical Practices
Julie-Anne Bérubé and Frédérique Cornellier  

Short Essay on Citizenship Education and Pedagogy of Reconciliation in College
Julie Vaudrin-Charrette
A Dream School or a School that Inspires to Dream?
Diane Campeau, Suzanne Guillemette, Michel Boyer and students  from the program in Autochthonous Education Management, Université de Sherbrooke

Revue de la persévérance et de la réussite scolaires chez les Premiers Peuples volume 2 (version PDF imprimable)


Table des matières

Acteur de sa propre culture : la contribution de la Boite Rouge vif dans la construction et la transmission des cultures autochtones
Denis Bellemare et Carl Morasse
La place du cercle de parole dans le système scolaire
Françoise Lathoud
La reconnaissance culturelle innue au sein d’une école primaire Sylvie Pinette et Suzanne Guillemette
Les sorties en territoire : un programme qui fait l’unicité de l’école Kassimu Mamu de Mashteuiatsh (reportage)
Particia-Anne Blanchet

Langue, littérature et écriture
La valorisation identitaire par les cercles littéraires chez les étudiants autochtones du cégep de Chicoutimi (reportage)
Patricia-Anne Blanchet
Les camps de littératie : un programme de soutien scolaire estival pour contrer la perte des acquis en lecture
Mélanie Valcin
Favoriser l’émergence de l’écrit en contexte de jeu symbolique : résultats préliminaires d’une recherche collaborative en milieu attikamek
Elisabeth Jacob, Annie Charron et Yvonne da Silveira
Enseigner à écrire pour le plaisir dans une école primaire anicinape
Christiane Blaser, Yvonne da Silveira, Sammy Kistabish et Gisèle Maheux

Dossier sur la persévérance scolaire

Santé et services
Les bienfaits de l’approche école en santé de Lac-Simon sur la réussite éducative et la persévérance scolaire des élèves (reportage)
Patricia-Anne Blanchet
L’intégration des services psychosociaux au soutien pédagogique comme outil de persévérance scolaire chez les Premières Nations: la pratique de l’Institution Kiuna
José-Tomás Arriola et Prudence Hannis
La sécurité culturelle au niveau postsecondaire : le cas de l’Institution Kiuna
Emmanuelle Dufour

Outils et modèles d’intervention
Wemotaci : expérience positive de transfert du modèle d’entrepreneuriat éducatif en milieu autochtone développé à Lac-Simon (reportage)
Patricia-Anne Blanchet
L’adaptation transculturelle d’un instrument de dépistage des retards de développement chez les enfants attikameks
Sylvie Roy
Compétence interculturelle des directions d’établissements d’enseignement publics accueillant des apprenants autochtones
Valérie Djédjé
La persévérance et la réussite scolaires chez les Premiers Peuples : le modèle innovant de Fusion Jeunesse
André-Yanne Parent
Le soutien à l’enseignement collégial et universitaire : partage des réalités des étudiants autochtones et des pratiques pédagogiques gagnantes
Julie-Anne Bérubé et Frédérique Cornellier

Bref essai sur l’éducation à la citoyenneté et la pédagogie de la réconciliation au collégial
Julie Vaudrin-Charrette
Une école de rêve ou une école qui fait rêver?
Diane Campeau, Suzanne Guillemette, Michel Boyer et les étudiant(e)s du programme en gestion de l’éducation autochtone

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