Crédit: Guylain Doyle 2017
Crédit: Guylain Doyle 2017







Dear Participants,

Université du Québec à Chicoutimi is pleased to support the third edition of the Convention on Perseverance and Academic Achievement for First Peoples. This event, which has become an essential happening for hundreds of Indigenous and non-Indigenous participants over the years, is a wonderful place for exchanges and reflections on improving the learning conditions of our students. Based on the theme Gathering for Success, the Convention enables us to meet around a common desire for prevention and mobilization fuelled by the desire to work together to support perseverance and academic success of the First Peoples.

At Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, the success of our students is an integral part of our mission. Through the Centre des Premières Nations Nikanite, UQAC offers a culturally rich environment for its Indigenous students, taking into account the ancestral and contemporary realities of First Nations people. It provides a unique and appropriate structure for Indigenous education, of which we are very proud. With the collaboration of many organizations and partners, we are able to offer training programs and special mentoring to our students in addition to participating in numerous studies and presenting inspiring symposiums. The University is also committed to promoting a growing presence of Indigenous students while ensuring a constant enrichment of services and a community involvement approach.

The third edition of the Convention on Perseverance and Academic Achievement for First Peoples is more than 65 workshops and major conferences. It is an ideal venue for networking and sharing of practices and a breeding ground for innovation. I hope that this convention will once again bring together our strengths and ideas in order to continue moving forward together on the path to success for all and reach our dreams.


Best wishes for a great convention to all!


Nicole Bouchard

Rector of Université du Québec à Chicoutimi